Hanal Pixán - Mayan Day of the Dead @ Pueblo del Maíz
Carretera Transversal, 77620 Bosh Balam, Cozumel
Oct 30 - Nov 2
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Hanal Pixán is a festival to celebrate those who return from the underworld, a way to honor the deities of Xibalbá so they are not forgotten; a festivity to remember that "Life is born from Death". Hanal Pixán is the Day of the Dead celebration, where the history mixes the great Mayan culture with artistic and gastronomic richness from the hands of the inhabitants of our beautiful Cozumel Island.
Día de los Muertos
San Miguel de Cozumel Q.R. MX
Nov 1 - Nov 2
A day of prayer and remembrance for the those who have died.
GFNY - Cozumel
San Miguel de Cozumel Q.R. MX
"Join us for the 6th Edition of GFNY Cozumel this Nov 10, 2019. This will be a ride you’ll never forget thru the island of Cozumel. GFNY Cozumel has become the most international cycling event in Mexico with over 50 countries participating and a field of top athletes from Mexico and around the world. GFNY Cycling mass participation events are for everyone of all abilities and will take you all the way around the island while you enjoy the beautiful views of our Mayan paradise. Imagine over 20 miles of roads that stretch along the tempting turquoise ocean while you push through the challenging Mayan trade winds of the southern side of the island. Get READY as this will be a truly challenging and competitive race with some amazing athletes ready to conquer the island as the Mayans did 3000 years ago.
Panties & Pyjamas Run!
Señor Frog's - Av Rafael E Melgar / calle 7 sur & Punta Langosta
Nov 20 - Nov 22
With raffles and donations, this fun run is to raise money and awareness for two local charities: Mujeres Guerreras and Endemicos Cozumel.  
IronMan - Cozumel
San Miguel de Cozumel Q.R. MX
Photo above: One of the many, local IronMan volunteers
Our Lady of Guadalupe
San Miguel de Cozumel Q.R. MX
An important Catholic National Public Holiday, observed in Mexico.  The day of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" commemorates the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Mexico City (December 12th, 1531).