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Need Help? ¿Necesita Ayuda?

Written on 04/30/2020

For foodbank assistance or more information, contact Landy Angulo López with the contact information listed below.

Para asistencia del Banco de alimentos o mas informacion, contacte a Landy Angulo López con la informacion que se encuentra en la parte inferior.

Soup Kitchen locations and requirements listed below.   For more information, contact: 987 118 1620

Ubicacion de las Cocinas Comuniarias y requisitos en la parte inferior. Mas informacion al: 987 118 1620

  1. Please do not come if you are showing or feeling any signs of illness.
  2. If you arrive in an altered state (from drugs or alcohol), you will be turned away
  3. Respect healthy distancing (2 meters apart)
  4. Do not bring children
  5. Bring your own container
  6. Only one person per family in line
  7. Face masks are mandatory
  8. Must present official identification - showing residence on the island (needs will be confirmed)
  9. Food is to-go, do not eat at the kitchen premises
  10. Priority for food assistance: 
  • Senior citizens
  • People with disabilities
  • Unemployed people
  • Single, pregnant women

This group is created by the contingency we are experiencing.  As an example, my family and close friends live from tourism and since we have seen the need to reinvent ourselves, my husband and I fish and we are interested in exchanging our fishing for pantry.   We invite our friends to do something similar,  for example: There will be someone who has more pasta and another who has more beans, and then we will know what we can exchange.   Example 2:  If you can provide any service in exchange for things from the basic basket.   There are many more examples.   It's time to create a barter network on our beautiful island.


Click here to go to the Barter Group page on FB

 Este grupo ha sido creado debido a la contingencia que estamos viviendo.  Pongo como ejemplo a mi familia y amigos cercanos que vivimos del turismo y al no haber, nos vemos en la necesidad de reinventarnos. Mi esposo y yo pescamos y estamos interesados en intercambiar nuestra pesca por despensa.  E invitamos a nuestros amigos a hacer algo parecido.  Ejemplo: Va haber alguna persona que tenga más pasta y otra que tenga más frijol y pues de esa manera sabremos qué podemos intercambiar.  Ejemplo 2: Si puedes brindar algún servicio a cambio de cosas de la canasta básica. Y así hay muchos más ejemplo.  Es hora de crear una red de trueque en nuestra hermosa isla

Haga clic aquí para ir a la página del Grupo de Trueque en FB

NOTE:  Help may not always be available in English, remember there is a link to a translator in the "Mi Vida" section.

If you have an emergency - dial 911